Artist Trading Card Swap

After 7 years of swapping ATCs, 
we are sad to announce that
the ATC Swap 
will be discontinued
for 2020...

If you are interested in hosting 
this ATC Swap, send us a message!

Our "ATC Hostess" - RITA
will be swapping and mailing back 
the ATCs in a timely manner.

Mail 6 and receive 6 back from
 six random swappers.

Scroll towards the bottom of the page
for monthly themes for remaining months for 2019...

Artist Trading Cards are small works of 
art traded with other participants.

ATCs are the size 
of a playing card - 2.5" x 3.5". 

It's so FUN to create them and 
receive random ones
 from other artists in return.

The Paper Collage features a 
monthly swap with a theme...

Drop off or mail in your swaps.
Send in six and receive six back from
other random participants...

All six can be all the same or each one can be different.
DUE by the THIRD Friday of each month.
They are swapped out and ready/mailed by the
following Friday...

Just a few ATC guidelines:
  • Must be 2.5" x 3.5" in size {You can even use a playing card as the base!} Base needs to be heavyweight cardstock or chipboard. Please do not use flimsy cardstock. 
  • Must include at least ONE embellishment {trim, charm, flower, bling, buttons, German trim, etc...anything dimensional!}
  • Must be at least TWO layers of paper or cardstock, including the base... {You must have the base, PLUS one more layer of paper, it's all about the layers.} 
  • Be sure to include your info on the can use these labels for the back of your artist trading cards:
Free printable ATC label sheet.
{Save to your computer & print!}

Free ATC Label Printable sheet.
{Right-click on image, save to your computer, 
and print from your printer!}

Need inspiration?
Check out our 
Artist Trading Card 
Pinterest board
for ideas and examples.

Mailing in your ATC Swap
Place your ATCs in a clear baggie
with your name clearly written
on the baggie.

If you mail them, be sure to include
a self-addressed stamped envelope/mailer
with the same amount of 
postage that cost to mail them...
{usually about $3.50 for a 3oz bubble mailer}.

Please make sure you print your return
address mailer in legible writing for 
the postal machines to read...
{If your print is too small or not legible, 
this could delay delivery...}

Please write your
on the left corner of 
the return mailer too...
Don't leave this blank!

Q: Can I reuse an envelope?
A: Please use a new envelope.

You will need to use 
US postage stamps only!!! 

NO meter strips 
Click N Ship labels!!!

Mail them to:
The Paper Collage
ATC SWAP {insert month}
16671 N. 84th Ave, Suite 130
Peoria, AZ 85382


2019 Themes

October - Pumpkin Patch
November - Vintage Christmas
December - Snowflakes

DUE by the THIRD Friday of each month...

Swapped and mailed out 
by the following Friday.

Have FUN!!!
We look forward to seeing your
beautiful creations!



  1. Do you sign up for the ATC swaps?

    1. Hi Leslie - Thank you for your interest! We're so happy to hear that you are interested in participating! No need to sign-up, just mail them in by the monthly deadline... - pamela :)

  2. What postage do you include if posting from Australia?

    1. Hi Jasann - Thank you for your question.

      Postage from the USA to Australia would be about $3.50 usd. Some participants in the past either included US postage stamps or well-concealed USD cash when mailing in their ATCs... - pamela :)

  3. I would love to do this but I am in Australia so as jasann said how much would postage be from/to australia

    1. Hi Belinda -

      Thank you for your question.

      Postage from the USA to Australia would be about $3.50 usd. Not sure how much postage is FROM Australia to the USA...the parcels have been about 3oz in weight.

      Some participants in the past either included US postage stamps or well-concealed USD cash when mailing in their ATCs... - pamela :)

  4. If you would participate in both ATC Swaps, would they be mailed in the same envelope? Thank you ever sew much.

    1. HI Lynne -

      Thank you for your question.

      Yes, both swaps would be mailed in the same envelope. :)


  5. Hi... I would love to participate... How much postage to send from Trinidad & Tobago?

    1. Hello Art Newbie !

      Happy to have your join the ATC Swap! :)

      The parcels are usually around 3oz. Be sure to include US postage, it will cost $3.50 usd to mail back to Trinidad & Tobago. Looking forward to receiving your swap! :)


  6. I will be mailing on Monday... I hope they make there on time... Butterfly is my favorite theme!

  7. I would like to join - but I have a question: How much will cost return envelope to Poland? And, like Lynne, I would like to participate in both ATC Swaps and mailed them
    in the same envelope. And I need your advice - Is it possible that the August ATC will come to the U.S. on time?

    1. Hi Barbara -

      Parcels should weigh about 3-4oz from the USA in return mail. Allow about 7 10 postal days for arrival to the USA.

      For future swaps, I will look into adding a link to pay for return postage online, so it will be convenient for International swappers to participate.

      Looking forward to receiving your swaps! :)


    2. Hi Pamela,
      thanks for your replay. I just wanna know how many $ I have to send you to pay return mail. If I understand - I have to deliver ATC to 15.08.2014r. I want to use playing cards for base, but it is 2,30" x 3,5"- but I hope it's not a obstacle. And please - wait for my mail :)

  8. Hi, I made my 6 ATC cards and have just looked up the address to post them to and it says AZ in America. I had noted the web page address at the top of the computer page and it had and thought it was in Australia. I am so upset as I put so much effort into the cards. I think the cost of the postage would prohibit me from participating. I am not sure if I did post them if they would arrive on time. It was my fault for not checking the postal address earlier. I must say that I did enjoy making the cards, it was a real challenge. Take care.
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Meg -

      Sorry to hear this. I'm not sure how much postage is from your country...


  9. Hi Sandy,
    I would love to join these swaps. Back in August you wrote you would make a link for International payments, is this available?
    I don't have any American $ or American Stamps

  10. Can you send in more than one set of 6 ATCs? Do the packages need to be mailed separately or can they both be mailed in the same envelope as long as the sets are packaged separately inside?

    1. Hi Patria -

      Yes, you can mail in more than one set of ATCs in the same mailer. ;)



    2. Pamela,
      Thank you so much for the reply. I will post my cards tomorrow, both sets and they are each labeled. I have really enjoyed making and swapping my ATCs here at The Paper Collage.


  11. My cards will be a day late as the mailman did not pick them up for the March Swap. Please, say this is alright.
    Thank you

  12. Hello, I am a bit nervous about this. I want to try out this SWAP. I should start with May given it's already the 14th of April. Mermaids and Fairies would have been so cute though. Oh well, who knows Hollywood will be exciting. Mailing should be quick I'm just near Salt Lake City. So, let me clarify. I send my ATC'S in a mailer. Inside this mailer I also include another mailer with my address and postage? And if I send 12 ATC'S, I send them in their own envelope within this mailer? Do I get 12 ATC'S back if I include 2 separate SASM'S? Or just one return set of 6 ATC'S? Not trying to get confusing, just trying to make it very clear in my brain.

    1. Hi GracieRhae -

      If you send 6, you will receive 6 random ATCs back...

      Not sure if this is answering your question...If you mail a set of 6 for April and a set of 6 for May, you can include one return mailer for all 12, which would be mailed back by May.

      You would have enough time to send in ATCs for April, they are swapped and mailed out next week, even though they are DUE this Friday. If you can mail them Thursday or Friday should be ok.

      Thanks! :)


    2. Hello,Your swap is very interesting and I would like to participate.I am from India and would like to know if I can join and also what are the regulations.

  13. Hi . I'm interested in swap but Ive got a couple of questions. Easy enough to go to post office to find out postage cost & US stamps if mailing for 6 or more ATCs but how do I figure out postage for return mail? Do I just send$ whatevever it cost me to ship mine out? I'm Canadian by the way so as I can get US stamps easy but not US $ so easy.

  14. Im very interested how do you sign up?

  15. Hi! Just found your group! My Mom and I love swapping ATC's and would love to join in! We'll try to get our first swaps done in time for the March 18th due date! Thanks! --Dee :)

  16. Hello Everyone, just wanted to send a note to say "Thank You" for the beautiful Vintage Circus ATCs I received in the swap last month. I just sent off my March ATCs and look forward to this month swap as well.

  17. it is not easy to get US dollars as I live in a rural area in Australia, can I send the equivalent Australian Dollars?

  18. Wow! I just received six lovely ATCs in the mail today. Thank you to everyone for making my new hobby fun and exciting. This is what I call "happy mail" :-)

    1. Thank you Gail for participating! Your ATCs are fantastic! :)
      Glad you are enjoying the swap...


  19. Just wanted to say how BEAUTIFUL the May ATCs were! I am a member of a few swap clubs, but these far exceeded my expectations.

  20. Yes! I agree with Anne Marie, another beautiful batch of ATCs for May. Very creative :)

  21. I'm feeling quite patriotic due to the beautiful ATCs I just received. Thanks swappers! Happy Independence Day :)

  22. Hello
    I 'm from Spain and I would like to participate in the events of ATC . How much money do I have to put in the envelope to send me my ATC ?

    1. Hello Yolanda!

      I am happy to hear that you are interested in participating in the ATC Swap. OK to send $4 usd. Please include your shipping address.

      Many thanks! :)

  23. Hello Everyone! I just opened this month's swap (Summer Fun) and they are AWESOME! :)

    1. Thank you Gail! Glad to hear you enjoyed the ATCs! Happy mail is FUN! :)


  24. Oh I hope the ATC trade is still going on ~ I did see a list for 2017 ~ hope to join the fun ~ thanks.