Saturday, March 7, 2015

HOURS Saturday, March 7th - KELLY KILMER

Today, we have guest mixed media instructor Kelly Kilmer
teaching at The Paper Collage, 
we have special hours today {March 7th, 2015}:


Kelly Kilmer Journal Class on Friday, March 6th...

Kelly Kilmer is teaching these awesome art journals
at The Paper Collage...

Kelly Kilmer uses a lot of cool ephemera, gel pens, stencils,
and washi paper tape to play with in the art journals.

Kelly Kilmer is a Mixed Media Art Instructor
who has been teaching for over 18 years all over the
USA and Canada. Kelly is visiting us from West Hollywood
on March 6th & 7th for four Journal workshops: $75 each.

Kelly Kilmer teaches fresh, new workshops that teach a variety of NEW
 art journaling, bookbinding, collage, creative processing,
 creativity, composition, design, layering, problem solving, 
self expression, and much, much more.

She brings HUGE bags of ephemera for students to select from
as well as washi tape, ink, stamps, and art pens.

Deep Within: Journal Bundles

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